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Exploring Renowned Microlot Estate Rio Jorco in Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Nick Brown
2015.06.17 22:03
Exploring Renowned Microlot Estate Rio Jorco in Tarrazu, Costa Rica

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Rio Jorco, a third-generation family farming operation based in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica has been perennially cranking out some of the sought-after microlots in the world, while winning multiple awards from programs including Cup of Excellence and Good Food Awards.

The Rio Jorco estate is a shining example of responsible land management, with some 3/4 of the property reserved for conservation, a decision that follows the wishes of founder Jorge Zeledon Castro. Coffee is grown in high-altitudes under shade canopies on Rio Jorco’s own land and the group works with numerous local producers in nearby subregions, including Aserri, Acosta, Leon Cortez, Frailes, Desamparados and Corralillo.

Microlots separated at Rio Jorco's own farm

Microlots separated at Rio Jorco’s own farm

Operating a wet mill and a dry mill, Rio Jorco pays what it calls fair share prices to its producer partners, which helps maintain economic sustainability throughout the coffee growing region, and encourages continuous quality improvement.

But these are all just words. The best way explore Rio Jorco and its operations, outside of a personal visit, may be through the lens of filmmaker Gábor Laczkó, a Hungarian roaster under the name Kávékalmár Kft. (You may remember Gábor’s name from this wild video in which he used GoPro cameras inside a drum roaster, or his naughty bottomless portafilter videos.

For his latest video, “Sourced,” Gábor travels to Rio Jorco, visits the estate, and gets to know how it has been able to manage three generations of success in Tarrazu. (Note: There’s a totally creepy teaser for Gábor’s next video hidden at the end of  “Sourced.”) See it all here: